Mutant Zombie Men Fighting Against Idris Elba & Steven Segal

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Mutant Zombie Men Fighting Against Idris Elba & Steven Segal

Post by sword&scepter on Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:24 pm

I awoke in the wee hours of the morning with a racing heart because of a strange dream...One of many this week.

I dreamt that I was in a city gone mad. I was trying to get across a town that I didn't recognize and there were people who were becoming very sick and angry, their faces would have a permanent scowl, bad skin, and eyes that turned dark with a searing bright pupil. They were extremely violent and attacked and hurt innocent people.

I made my way across town very sneaky like, sometimes I was chased and sometimes I fought but still I kept moving. I entered a karate school where there was about a half dozen people one being Steven Segal who was telling the people ( 4 were female) about his martial arts style. The ladies were preparing to leave the building but needed to be trained a little more thoroughly in the fighting arts.

They asked Steve about his style which is "Akido" I was asked about mines and I said "Ehkido" ( I've never heard of it ) in the natural realm I know " Hapkido" but anyway I was asked to spar with the best student so I grabbed a wooden sword but the instructor said no we needed to prepare for "Out there"
We were handed these beautiful hand carved wood handled axes with beautiful silver axe heads. As soon as we began to spar I knocked her axe's head clean off.

I was then handed a beautiful silver sword to fight with, we hit the streets and were separated in the midst of the chaos but there were others who were fighting for the same cause ( I don't remember what it was outside of survival)
I fought my way into a large white warehouse sized building where I used the sword and an Uzi to fight these mutants.
I made it to another section where there were two giant doors that were stationed by armed guards. They asked questions then allowed me in. Inside there were dozens of people working, and preparing for the next movement.

I still had an assignment and couldn't stay put for long and needed to push on. I was warned before leaving the building that the other buildings were dangerous but I trusted God in my heart and continued on my journey. I arrived to another building and fought against two mutants and found an attic like crawl space, I was up in the space when in walked a large man wearing work clothes but he didn't seem friendly so I didn't make him aware of my presence.
His head was near my face as I laid in the crawl space cause he was about 7'6" Tall but he couldn't see me.

He went to another room for a moment then in came a police tactical team and they arrested a few mutants and killed a few who tried to fight them. I wanted to join in but had to remain obscure in order to continue the mission, next thing you know out of a room comes the large man but he was wearing sun glasses to hide his eyes and the tactical team did not stop him because he held a rolled up news paper and acted as though he was leaving work or something. He looked back at them as he exited the room and gave the most evil stare.

Up in the dark crawl space I heard a voice on the inside that said " something's coming time.., time to go".
I crawled on until I could walk. I kept my sword out in front of me in a fighting position as I could hear more commotion and chaos breaking out someways behind me. As I drew closer to a light I saw at the end of the tunnel I made a left to where there was about 8 ft of distance to a door but I heard someone close as my heart pumped and adrenaline surged so I turned back to face it and in the darkness a silhouette of a man wearing a white shirt and like myself was armed with a rifle and a sword.. He then said " Im with the Army" and although I couldn't see his face I recognized his voice & build. It was actor Idris Elba, who came to make the journey with me.. I was relieved but then woke up feeling as I did just a moment before.

Can someone please help me with this as I've been having these type of dreams all week about torn up towns needing rebuilding (If they ever can) as well as talking creatures, me engaged in battle and doing all kinds of feats and later linking up with people in white.. ( The karate girls wore white)

I really appreciate your help if anyone can discern this dream.

Thanks from your brother in Christ,


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