Relationship dreams

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Relationship dreams

Post by taniyal1982 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:05 pm

I had recently met this guy and I had a dream about a prophetess who was in my dream and a prophet. I was sitting on the bed and the prophetess said, "God is sending your husband. I have a feeling he has already sent him" She continued, "Dont say but he is 57, dont worry about his age." I said, "wow let me tell you." I pointed at the Prophet "He said that I was a difficult woman and that God was preparing my husband and I would meet him at a conference. I met this man at a conference. Although he is not 57 is older." That was it for that one then I had another dream where the man I met it was just him up close and he began to tell me how much he was beginning to love me and that I was the one, and that was the dream.

I broke up with him due to my emotional issues and the fact that the dreams I had were not lining up with what was in the natural. which was probably dumb of me.

after the break up I had a dream that I was in church, his church and there was this woman who asked me for money, but I quoted the scripture about silver and gold have I none, but what I can do is pray for your business. I began to pray for her and the glory of God came in the room, then someonee interrupted me. I went to another scene in the dream and I was texting the guy that I broke up with. He was say that he would bring the crockpot back to him and I went into what I wanted for the relationship and why I did what I did. Deep down I wanted to be with him.

Last dream, i was at my reception for my wedding talking to cousins I had a white head wrap on my head I was telling my cousins, "I can still dance" I did a quick dance move and I said. I have to go I don't want David to see me. there were two rooms right across from eachother and one door was closed. i knew he was in there and i had extreme joy. I went into my room and sat down I was by a window and I looked on the floor by the door and there were about 6 pairs shoes spread out.

I feel as if I need help interpreting my dreams, because when it comes to relationships and my dreams I saw what I wanted and made big mistakes. God talks to me through my dreams, but lately I have been unsure. Thank you!

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