Demons Chasing Me

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Demons Chasing Me

Post by taniyal1982 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:48 pm

Lately I have been having many dreams of demons chasing me. I have had similar dreams times apart. one dream, I was in a a grocery store and I was walking, then all of a sudden a man in a hoodie appeared before me, his head lifted up and it was very grotesque, I could tell that he was possessed. I started to run and there appeared more people in the store. every where I would go the man who was demonic would cut me off. I ran towards another isle and their was a store clerk as I approached him he lifted his head and it was a demon possessed man. It was like no matter where I went they would appear and cut me off. My dream that I just had recently, I was in my car and night and I was trying to get away, their was this eerie feeling. i looked in my rearview mirror and my brother was there but he was not right, I started driving crazy to toss him out the car. then I ended up in another grocery store filled with demons. I also vaguely remember that I ran into a demonic man and I was trying to rebuke him in Jesus' name, but it was ineffective. lastly I remember having a dream where I was in this classroom and a little girl was with her mother poking me in my side with a pen and I told her to stop and rebuked her mother they were both demon possessed. They backed off. then my public speaking teacher appeared and a man who was a demon. I because to plead the blood and rebuke him, and I could feel the power of God, but then I felt confident and I thought the instructor was going to take over, but she didn't. the man just looked at me and began to smile because my prayer/rebuke stopped working. I know that lately I have been having strong emotional issues. I can feel such zeal one day and then the next day I feel as if I hit a brick wall and know desire. It is sort of like the dreams where I try to move forward, but feel some resistance. I feel as if the is a curse that is in place and these dreams are showing me what is in operation, I just dont know where it came from and I have been praying for God to reveal. Any insight you may have I would greatly appreciate it.

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