Man Being Dragged Dream

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Man Being Dragged Dream

Post by gapeachntn on Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:43 am

I had a dream where I was sitting on the left side of a sofa, when two people I kinda knew but really didn't know, dragged this man to me and placed him on my right side on the sofa. He couldn't walk, the people were on either side of him, and were holding him up by his arms as his feet dragged behind him. I know the gentleman...he goes to my church, we're in the choir together and I've liked him romantically for over a year now. Please give me your thoughts?

My second dream, was about my choir. In the natural I had left the choir because I just needed a break and because I felt unappreciated and felt I had no place there. So in my dream, I dreamed I was back in the choir room. I just unexpectedly returned and everyone was seated in their chairs. Then, everyone began to leave to go to the stage to minister. As I sat their trying to decide to join them or not, this man came to the door and told me to hurry and get out there with the choir. So I did and made it out to the stage as the very last person was about to go out. In the natural, I usually stand on the first row, but in my dream it was full. So I went to the second row on the riser. As I stood there on the second row, my feet became slippery and the riser was inclined which made my feet to keep sliding forward from the second row to the first row, like I was being forced out of the second row to the first. While this was happening, a prayer warrior in our choir, goes up to the director of the choir who was about to play keyboard. He was seated in front of us on the stage. She walked to him and whispered something and I heard her say to him, "whoever it is, she works for (insert name of my employer). Everyone knows where I work, so the director knew who she was referring to. He turned and looked at me and told me to come sing solo which is something I totally desire to do since I feel God has called me to be a psalmist. I went up there. I had no clue what I was going to sing and just started asking God what He would want me to sing. Once I got the song, I woke up. Please tell me your thoughts on these two dreams? Thank you and God bless you and yours.

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