Shark dream

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Shark dream

Post by aboyce22 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:28 am

Let me start off by saying I am the father of a 16-year-old special needs son. While he has no official diagnosis, he has autistic tendencies, developmental delays, doesn't speak, limited ability to care for himself.

The dream
I am in a large salt-water pool, about chest deep, helping my son, Parks, move through the water. I hold him with one arm under his stomach as he moves his arms and legs.

I look behind us and see a black shark fin approaching. I am only slightly concerned and attempt to move both of us out of the way of the shark, but it follows us. I put my right arm out and it opens its jaws, closing very gently on my arm, like a dog might do in play.

Because its teeth are very sharp, even this gentle bite leaves small bloody marks on my arm, but the bite is not painful.

The shark lets go and rolls halfway over on its side, its brown underbelly visible to me. I understand that it wants to be scratched.

I scratch its sand-papery stomach for a minute. The shark's expression remains blank, but I sense it is enjoying the contact.

I become aware of some people outside the pool who were alarmed at the impending attack. They are still agitated, although the shark, my son and I are at peace.

End of dream.

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