Please confirm dream of snake. Was it for me and help with a vision,pls.

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Please confirm dream of snake. Was it for me and help with a vision,pls.

Post by Believingiamfree on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:45 pm

My brother and family arrived in town to visit for a few days. The night he arrived, I dreamed I was standing in a room with a bed in front of me that looked lovely, soft and comfortable (fluffy covers). I didn't notice anything else in the room and it seemed as if the bed were just the mattress and boxspring on the floor. My 14 year old son was on the left side of me and my brother was a few feet away from me on the right side with others (I am not sure if it were my other children or his) standing near him. Suddenly, a fat snake (like 6 inches wide) with fin-like things on either side and all the way down the length of the snake, slithered between us and into my comfy bed from the head of the bed down. The bed didn't have a headboard, was unmade, but it had fluffy cream colored bedding -- I don't recall pillows on what would normally be my side of the bed. I was fearful and telling the others to look for it and get it out. It disappeared somewhere in the bed. I thought in my mind it must be under the mattress or hidden in the covers. I told the others to keep looking because I was certain it was still there. And then...I woke up.

In using the worksheet, I identified family as helping but I recognized the space between us, the bed as a place of rest and comfort, and the snake as creepy and disgusting. It made me fearful.
In the end, I didn't find the snake but I believed it was still there.

The sale of my house, how and when I am going to find a place to live as well as asking for wisdom and direction, a greater filling, have been on my heart and in my prayers. I fall asleep praying, on earth as it is in heaven.

I have asked and I sense things about the snake dream.
I sense the bedding in my dream was like those I used on my brother's bed. The bed looking as if it were on the floor, without a headboard, likely replicated the double air mattress he used as a bed while at my house. The fins on the snake were almost like fish fins or eel like. My brother loves to fish when he visits. Since the snake came between us, and we stood a few feet apart in the room, I sense a divide because of the snake appearing between us. The fact that the snake was hidden but remained in the bed is significant.

Background:My husband left me more than a year ago and has had an adulterous affair. My brother has offended his wife in the same way although he put an end to the affair and his wife has forgiven him.
Due to my impending divorce, my house has to be sold and will likely go to short sale. (My brother assures me he will help)

Side note of prior vision:
Soon after I reckoned with the fact I would have to sell the house, I had a vision of a white house, with black shutters, and there was on outbuilding to the left of it. At the top left of the vision were the numbers 186000. While my brother was in town, I picked up a homes magazine and within the first few pages was a white house, black shutters, outbuilding behind, listed for $186,900. I have been looking for months for a house that matched the vision. It was only 1300 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom --a much older home--that appeared to need work. I have 5 children at home and take care of my Mom who has dementia (she lives with me). I have told my children, in regard to selling our home, that God will never give us less than what we have. I asked God to please give me understanding, a verse, something. Ezekiel 13 popped in my head for the second time in the past months..."Woe to foolish prophets." I don't want to be that.
I am still in today's pasture with the house. I don't have a clue as to where I am going. I need to know if what I "saw" was literal. My answer was Ezekiel 13. What does that mean? Is the real estate agent who said I had to go to short sale the false prophet? Is it me? I heard, "come down off the mountain..your brother will help you" when I prayed about selling the house. Did I hear wrong? Was that from me? Can I possibly be being humbled more than I already have been? A small house is far greater than no house. Please forgive me if I sound like a whiner. The upside--if it is the house I "saw" and it truly was from God, then its Gods house. What a great place to live! I guess I just received answered prayer...on earth as it is in heaven.
God has me, I know. As much as I can't imagine living in a small house, I want to be, need to be, in God's plan for me because I know He has far greater things than I can ever imagine.

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Re: Please confirm dream of snake. Was it for me and help with a vision,pls.

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:52 am

About the snake dream: Do you feel since your brother wants to reconcile with his wife, the threat of affair isn't completely gone and he might do it again? (this would explain why you were still looking for the snake even though it seemed to have disappeared)

What does your brother suggest? If the word you heard was from the Lord, then it would mean to not worry (take on a mountian) because the Lord has sent your brother to help you with this. Sometimes I worry about things when the Lord already has it taken care of. The Lord has plans to prosper to harm you. If you did have to move into a smaller house, it may only be temporary...sometimes he uses situations like that to condition us and make us stronger for His Kingdom. I'm sorry I dont have a Word from the Lord but I pray this helps provide some confirmation.
God bless you

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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