Please help me with interpretation of repeated dream

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Please help me with interpretation of repeated dream

Post by the quest on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:08 am

I am always dreaming of my Aunt being an enermy in my dreams.She's always wanting to hurt me.
Today I had this dream...
I am somewhere with a pregnant woman, she is able to breatsfeed the baby evendough the baby is still in her womb.I was picked up amongs a few to sing, I began singing something like this ''I am wonderfully made, I belong to God,I resemble God, I am the apple of His eye...that's why the devil trembles when ever he hears me say I am God's own...
Suddenly some people joined me in singing. The pregnant lady suddenly had her baby in her arms and was sitting next to something ,some sort of an apparel that had caught fire in the inside the cables were burning, smoke was leaking out and I saw, the woman and baby were in danger. So I went got the baby from her arms,saw the baby was all naked, i had to take off some of my cloths to cover it up so it does not get a cold. I started protecting and holding the baby so closed to me.
Next the baby's mother was going ahead of me, with some vesel in her hands and an instrument to harvest some food stuff from the farm, but she gives me the impression that she is living in abject poverty and needed help.I offered to help her by bringing her to my parents or grant parents home..I am too sure.As we got there, i found my Aunt, who started off like, 'you are not supposed to be bringing her here, your grand parents had rejected her family so its all wrong to keep her here or help her all''.I tried to explain to her hoping she will understand, but she started getting aggressive, I then decided I must get the baby and mother somewhere else where they will be safe. But my aunt started chasing us, we approached a (hill) slope and my aunt was at the foot of the hill, she began throwing stones at me, cursing out and getting very angry and bitter.I took both baby and mother to my left hand to protect them from getting hit by the stones, I then started stretching out my hand to block the stones from hitting me, and each time the stones will bounce against my palm and will return right back at her(aunt), suddenly this stone colided with my palm went back and stroked my aunt on her hip, she fell down crying for help, saying she will die if no one helped her, she was really helpless and dying...I then turned arround to the baby and her moher, leading them ahead and then this feeling came over my aunt will die and if she does, i will feel responsible for killing her...but i went on and getting on the main road, there cames a taxi, a former school mate was the driver, i named my price, she accepted to bring all 3 to our destination and the dream ended as we got into the taxi.
Please help me with interprtation.
God bless your efforts

the quest
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