Lobster Dream Symbol!

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Lobster Dream Symbol!

Post by mrswilliams on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:09 pm

Hi Everyone, God Bless You All!!!!

Anyone know what a Lobster means in a dream? I was in my apartment and I saw one underneath my bed and it began to crawl up and down the wall and on the floor and I was trying to kill it but, I kept hitting only bits and pieces of it. Then I saw another one and I begin to stand on the couches so it wouldn't touch me. I was talking to my cousin on the phone and told him I was trying to kill this Lobster in my house and he just laughed. As I was getting off the phone I slipped and fell and it was as if I was blind becuase I couldn't see to get back on the sofa but, I pulled myself up anyhow and when I got back on the sofa I had pieces of Lobster on my Butt because I had landed on one and crushed it. When I got back on the sofa I could see again and the other Lobster was still crawling back and forth on the floor and I began to call my husband but, I woke up.

Any ideas??
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