Spiritual Warfare: Comfortable Christians cause the enemy to prosper?

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Spiritual Warfare: Comfortable Christians cause the enemy to prosper?

Post by daphanie02 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:47 am

I had two dreams in one week that were similar and I believe this is something that's on the heart of the Lord about Christians who are comfortable with their surroundings...( I realize there is a lot that's personal for myself as well)

First dream:
i was a mighty warrior sent on a mission where all else had failed. I got to see myself climb up mountians and climb up and down ropes. My hands had been conditioned to handle this type of terrain and I heard someone say "She will pass this test where others have failed" I realized they were talking about me but I thought to myself "I may pass the test...but it may be with a 70!"

So I'm suddenly at a mansion with a vampire. he has other vampire servants who have discovered I had been sent in with a bomb to destroy them all. There was a competition going on and I knew I had to compete amongst these vampires to win and then I could drop the bomb. The main vampire knew what I was up to and during the night everyone was sleeping, but I was awake because I didnt trust sleeping around vampires. So the main Vampire comes up to me and tempts me with jewelry....I didn't have a good feeling in my spirit about the situation...I knew he was up to somehting...then he says "well if you don't feel right in your spirit about accepting this, then you shouldn't" Which confused me...I remember thinking what would happen If I put this necklace on? I saw myself doing it..but knew I had a choice in the future to say no... It was the vampires goal to win the competition and take over the world...i knew I had to hang in there so I could win and then destroy them all. Later I saw myself talking with my sister telling her I had slayed the vampire...however I was wearing the necklace.

Second dream:
i dreamed I was with my father and brothers and sisters. We were slaying demons..They would come at us like phantoms through the walls from the darkness outside and we would say a prayer at them in tongues and cross shaped bombs would hit them and they would explode. However they had their own little things they would throw at us and they would stick to us..if we left them there, we would slowly turn into one of them. I was fighting and I got hit in the back of the head with one and my father came up to me with a shot and said "You know what must be done" I said I knew and he injected the needle into the affected area on my head. The thing exploded which was very painful but I knew I must carry on and fight...like a good soldier, I tried stopping the blood with my hand by applying pressure to it. It was pouring blood..I didnt' know it would bleed that much..I lost so much blood that I became weary and light headed. My father had me and my brothers and sisters (who were much younger than me) hide and rest for a while. I opened a doorway and knew it was enemy territory (it had all been taken over by the devil) and I saw some kind of gasoline covering the floor. I knew the enemy was inhaling the fumes and it was keeping him alive. I knew also that only a nuclear bomb could take him out. I knew I must get to the "grown ups" to have them drop the bomb to destroy him. We went inside the doorway which opened into a passage way. The passage led us deep into the enemy's camp. There were children everywhere as well as demons. I saw that the demons were using the children to work for them but the children were nieve and didn't know it. They were being kept safe as long as they did their work. I was half dead and I had to rest somewhere...I knew the only way I could live was if I stayed with the children and passed as one of them. We slept to gain strength and the demons were convinced we were ignorant about their plans. When the kids were sent to work the next day we went with them...We taught them how to shake up the enemies camp and it angered the devil...Still I knew we would have no success without the "grown ups" bomb. After we shook things up we left and went above into the world (we had been underground) One of our number got angry and said we should never return there that we shouldn't have stayed so long and we must fight! I hadnt completely healed yet but I agreed. We had to find that bomb...However I was worried for the children....they really didnt know the devil was using them to work for him.

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