Help With Dream About My Oldest Daughter

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Help With Dream About My Oldest Daughter

Post by mom2slc3 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:16 am

Hi everyone. A while back I had a dream about my oldest daughter, age 28, that concerned me. I dreamed that a man that was a "facilitator", which is like a mentor/teacher because she attended a charter school, was guilty of having some sort of illicit involvement with her when she was about 18, about the time of graduation or while she attended school there. Whatever had transpired between them wasn't clear but it wasn't appropriate and in the dream I understood that this incident or incidents were what were causing her to be in the place that she presently was in. My daughter lives in New York and our family is in California. She has been on a couple mission trips and had a real heart for those in other countries that needed help. She is now pursuing a career and still loves the Lord, I know, but I wonder sometimes what she is doing in New York so far away from her family and those that love her.

Anyway, when I looked at the man's face in the dream I could see the shadow of this sinfulness in his visage but in real life this "look" of perversion isn't there at all. In the dream I was thinking that this could not be possible because she was never alone with him so that anything perverse could take place. Help! God is trying to get something across to me, I'm pretty sure, so that I can pray for her. Thanks in advance.

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