The Chase Dream

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The Chase Dream

Post by Cherica on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:38 am

When I was a very young child, I often had the same recurring dream. Almost every night I would dream that I was at my Aunts trailer home with my family which included my mother siblings Aunts and cousins. We would all be watching t.v. I would be sitting on the floor closes to the t.v. and all of a sudden I would look behind me and everyone of my family members would be zombies. They would begin to come after me. Since the were zombies the chase would be in slow motion but even though they walked slow it was still hard for me to get away from them. They would come towards me from different directions closing me in. Somehow I'd find my way out of the trap but the escape route would be different in each dream. Sometimes I would escape out the side door others it would be t;he front door or a window. But the chase didn't end there my family would then chase me in the yard and over to the connecting neighbors yard. Upon reaching the neighbors yard I would lock myself in a parked car and lock myself inside while my family surrounds the car. I would sometimes try to start the car and drive off but it wouldn't crank. My family would then begin to crawl on top and beat the car with their hands trying to get inside to attack me but they never got me. I would wake up before they could. Although I haven't had this dream in years. I've always kept it with me. I always wondered what it meant and why did i have it repeatedly almost every night. Please if anyone has an interpretation let me know. Thank you

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