Dreams of God's Calling On My Life?

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Dreams of God's Calling On My Life?

Post by red2000gt on Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:08 am

I laid in bed and could not sleep tonight, and I keep having the flashes of these two dreams I had over a week ago. I have had two specific dreams I would like to see if I could get someone interpret.

The thing is I think God may have already given me the interpretation of the 1st dream in a second dream, but this is very new to me. I am a youth learder in my church I have felt a leading toward ministry, but not a specific direction. Now after having the first dream and the second dream, which I will try to describe as much as I recall, I have a fealing and my own interpretation that God is calling me to push forward and become a pastor.

Let me give you a little background into my life prior to the dream. I have just become a deacon of our church about 6 months ago, and not long after being ordained I have felt extremely attacked and tempted. I have had moments of sin and felt the condemnation and guilt that comes after sin. I know that I simply need to repent and turn and ask for God to forgive me. Then keep moving on in my relationship with him. It has been a very interesting step and time in my life to truely sense my life and family being the focus of an attack from satan after my decision to become a deacon. Also seeing God's hand in forgiveness and guiding my life.

Now for the dreams, the first dream is myself and other family members and one older woman on what appears to be a high speed train that is stopped at a station. I do not know or can not make out faces except for my wife I believe, but not even certain of that. I also got a feeling or seem to remember that there was either a bomb on the train or a terrorist on board. There are three buttons directly next to the open door which give alternative operations to the train and the door. The one button that I pick shuts the door quickly and sends the train off full speed out of the station. Just seconds before pushing the button, I push my family out of the door, I step out push the button and then try and grab the older woman which is the last off of the train. The door closes too quickly for me to get her off of the train and it rushes off and explodes in the distance.

The feeling I got from the dream was that I should have been the last one off of the train before I pushed the button and to make sure I put every one else first. I also got an overwhelming feeling that God was trying to empress on me that he wanted me to go further in my ministry. The exact thing I got was that he wanted to know if I was willing to go far enough to die for Him to spread the gospel.

The second dream was very short and to the point from what I remember and was a night or two after the 1st dream. In the dream I saw the word PASTOR in all caps in like a store sign type lighted letters. It wasn't literally a sign over a store, but that was how the letters appeared. I took this as an answer to the 1st dream to explain further God's message, but I would like someone who has experience in dream interpreation or someone who has got a specific interpretation to this dream to let me know what they think both of the dreams mean.

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