I need HELP with this dream!!!

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I need HELP with this dream!!!

Post by Lostsoul on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:55 pm

I had a dream last night I moved to a different house then I had already have and I had to move in but my kitchen was not ready there where a few renovations that need to be done! I remember seeing my ex in this dream any way he came by new house to give me some clothes that his kids couldnt fit anymore.....I remember having small talk and that was it... Scene change Im now just waking up in my new house I was sleeping in another part of the house because we were unpacking so I walk pass my kids room looking at each of there rooms and saw they were already unpacked and finish all the kids are still sleep so I have to walk thru the kitchen to get to my room as I walk thru a see more is done in my kitchen from the prior day as I walk in my room my ex is laying there in my bed sleep and he had unpacked my room so I run to my bed and jump and try to hug him so he shy away and frowns and I say I was only gone hug you not kiss you but that hurt my feelings how he looked at me cause I know how he is about morning breath.....So I smell somthing cookin in the kitchen and my lil 11 year old daughter woke up frying fish in the morning Im yelling at her telling her thats not breakfast food and Dont cook with grease while Im not there to monitor her anyway Im takin the fish out the grease and my daughter comes over to try to help she gets out a plastic bowl pours the hot grease in the bowl the bowl melt and the grease pops everywhere and burn my arm a lil splash on us both but enough to make me frustrated so I run in my room put a cover over my head start crying saying this just to much for me this just to much for me and My ex didnt know what to do all I saw was a letter C in my dream and my ex put a small piece of paper in front of me y im laying on the floor under covers crying and the paper said woman are the light and I woke up crying and praying asking God when is my turn for him to send me a husband Im raising 5 children alone and serving him and Im overwhelmed....Can someone give me incite of this dream!!!!My ex is not a man I can see myself with!

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