friends, family, trailers, nice houses, and weddings??

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friends, family, trailers, nice houses, and weddings??

Post by redeeminglove on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:27 pm

I had a dream that I was going to a friendís parentís house. On my way, I saw a guy from class. He was sitting on a bench eating something and had his dog at his feet. I just observed this and did not say anything to this particular individual.

I then came to my friendís parentís house. I came in and they lived in a trailer (in RL they live in a really nice house) and find it odd that they are in a trailer. I donít want the individual at the bench to know that my friendís family lives in a trailer. I saw the friendís sister-in-laws (they did not look like the actual sister-in-laws but other women) and other family members. We were getting ready for dinner and talking amongst each other.

They next thing I know, we are visiting neighbors who live in a really nice house. They come out and talk to us about starting out poor and working their way up.
The next thing I know, I am on a dock overlooking the ocean getting married. It is heard, Ďyou can now kiss your bride.í And he kisses me softly. I canít recall who was at the wedding.

We begin to walk down a bridge (kind of like the bridges that are meant to lead from a dock to a boat). I find it surreal that I have somebodyís hand to hold and have to remind myself that I have somebodyís hand to hold. I take his hand and we hold hands walking.
That is it.

Iím not sure if this friendís family is literal or supposed to represent somebody else.
All wedding dreams I have had up to this point have me been resisting the Ďgroomí in one way or another. I was completely okay with this individual kissing me.
Iím still praying about whether or not the girlís family is literal or not.
Can anybody offer me any insight?

Thank you,

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