REPOST: Recurring dream, i feel the differences between the two mean dire consequences...

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REPOST: Recurring dream, i feel the differences between the two mean dire consequences...

Post by tatertotdt on Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:16 pm

Sorry for double post, but i feel this really needs help.

I am falling down a hole, i think i am with my friends, but not sure. I end up landing in an old town, with cobblestone roads, and a blacksmith. The town is being overrun by skeleton warriors and werewolves. (I love rpg videogames, possible correlation?) anyways. i head to the blacksmith, and me and my friends take on the enemies. after the enemies are vanquished, i walk over to the cafeteria. (times changed from an old time castle town to a modern day city) my friends are already in, and walking over to the table to talk, everyone is reading a bible. cool, i'm thinking, and i pull my bible out of my vest pocket. i turn to the page they are on, and to my astonishment, a bunch of lines in their bibles are blacked out with a sharpie marker, but mine was complete. half the bible must have been blacked out! next, i get pulled into a room with a clinic bed, and injected with a liquid, and somehow... i knew that the doctors were turning people into the werewolves i had fought earlier! i didn't turn into a werewolf though, and the only difference between me and all of the other children was my bible was complete. i knew everyone needed to read my bible! i ran out and everyone was staring at me, and there was no time. the doctors were after me! then i woke up.

My second dream was almost the same, i went into the same town, but instead of werewolves there were vampires, and this time i don't remember having a sword, but insted a spiked mace. and when i was in the room with the clinic bed, i knew what was happening. i pulled out my bible and the lines were blacked out. i ran, and the last feeling i remember was fear. i kinda know what the bible and the cure for the transformation meant... but insight, and interpretation would be so amazing and helpful! :)

-Devin (tatertotdt)

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