ladders and human wolf

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ladders and human wolf

Post by Fran on Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:44 am

I beg someone/anyone to please help me interprete this troubling dream.

In this dream, myself, my sister and a few kids, one little 2 or 3-year old in particular were in what looked like one of those crates that skyscraper window washers stand in (not sure what they're called). The difference was we were being lifted up in the arms of this man (who in reality is my friend). He kept going up and up these spiral stairs almost to the sky, with us in the crate he held in his arms and I was thinking how strong he was. It looked like he was shielding us from some sort of threat, employing strategies as he took us up.
Then we were all in this room, this man/friend was sitting to my left and my sister to my right. The kids were playing when I saw one member of our company get up and leave heading down the stairs. I watched as they got to a small deck, fall on the floor and transform into a werewolf. It happened so sofast that before we knew it it had lauched on my sister to my right and was attacking but almost immediately, the man/friend to my left stabbed its neck with a very blunt object and its blood was all over the place, it was wounded and it ran so fast out of the room down the stairs and out the door. The little girl was crying after it because she recognized it as part of our company earlier, she thought it/he was our friend but we restrained her to let it go. I woke up not terrified or confused but calm and prayed hard.


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