Paying for a newpaper.

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Paying for a newpaper.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:47 pm

It is interesting lately I have been remembering in detail only part of the dream and I can not remember the rest.


I was in a small country town and I went into this country store and an old man was there with another man talking to him. The old man owned the store, and he looked like Santa clause to me, with white hair and beard, and glasses. I wanted to buy the newspaper. In the store there was like a sitting area where you could have coffee and read the paper. The chairs where like old lounge chairs. I go to buy the newspaper and I am handing the old man with glasses dollar bills. Then I said, " Oh I am giving you 45 dollars and I only need to give you 45 cents. The old man begins to laugh and he says while he is laughing, " I was wondering when you were going to realize that." I smiled and said, "Yea, because I felt real silly and embarrassed. I than sat on one of the green lounge chairs and began to read the newspaper.

gee any insight.
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