I would appreciate your help

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I would appreciate your help

Post by mish90 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:59 am

Hi Everyone,

My name is Michelle, I found this site today. I dreamt this morning a dream which confuses me. My dream started with me arriving in Canterbury- Kent I was with my friend I was touring around Canterbury with her as she was going university there. Which is in real life she is not yet at this university but will be in September. Anyway she told me that we will get on the university bus and go somewhere of which we were going to decide while travelling. Somehow I was able to get on the bus, whilst we were on she listed places such as the library to go to it took so long we ended up getting to the last stop which was an indoor funfair. I decided to go in but when I did I was by myself and I saw someone I know from my class in university in the one I currently go to which is Portsmouth. I started speaking to the girl and for some reason there were two meat shops. I started having a conversation with her about meat explaining there are different types. Then I left her and started looking around the funfair it was busy, balls were thrown all over the place and I saw stairs leading to a ball pit which I was led to. When I walked up the stairs half way through a guy came up to me and said that he wants to have a secret friendship relationship with me. I said why and continued up the stairs and stopped at the top to find it was closed. I started walking down the stairs and he followed me when I got to the bottom of the stairs I wanted to go home. Men around me (that I know) were telling me I'm beautiful while I was walking past them and smiling, but I didn't entertain it. I just walked past and my mum was sitting waiting for me. She said are you ready to go I said yes and we walked outside we went past a girl who I had a strange argument with and then apologised. I stood at a small distance and overheard she had problems I told my mum maybe this is the girl God wants me to give money to (referring to another dream I have had before where I gave 40 to a girl who had been robbed). Also after having that first dream I asked God if he wants me to give anyone money and then having this dream I said it must be her eventhough it wasn't reality. So i looked in my bag and saw 5 I went back to her and gave it to her she was so grateful. She started telling me about her hard life how she didnt finish school and so much is happening in her family. My mum gave her more and I found more money so I gave it to her too. The girl said thank you for giving me 50, I took 10 from her because I remembered it was 40 I intended to give. I looked around and looked back at her again. This time she was a different person, she was someone from my primary school and her brother looked at me in the face as if he was unsure of who I am. I was also unsure of where I had seen him before I said Rosemands brother right and it was he said Shirley right? I said no then his siter said it's Shelly ( this is what people used to call me before but only a handful still do at times). I said no it's Michelle. He smiled and the dream ended.

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