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Post by jessthebest23 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:01 am

I dreamed last night I was somewhere with my mom and dad. Not sure where..but we were like getting ready to go somewhere so we were all in a bedroom getting ready.

I noticed this spider just out of nowhere, it fell on my thumb finger. I tried to get it off of me, but it wouldn't move! So it ended up biting me. After it did, I finally flung it off of me, but then it fell in my hair!

I tried so hard to get it out of my hair because I could feel it crawling in there. I ran to a mirror in the bathroom to look to see where it was, and my dad was in there. He took it out of my hair and then the spider bit him too?

When I awoke, I literally felt like my thumb finger hurt from it?

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