Ice Skatting & Favour

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Ice Skatting & Favour

Post by heartofGod on Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:02 am

Interesting dream. In this dream I was training to be a minister and found favor with those who where training. I was in the sanctuary and then I went on top of roof and they where ice skating. I began to join them (in real life I don't ice skate) not really know what I was doing but doing pretty good. The leader and what seemed to be a famous ice skatting offer to train me. She told me to practice with roller-blades. It the dream it would seem that I was going to be switching careers and become a professional ice skatter. In the dream it seemed odd because I was in my forties - too old to train as a professional ice skatter - yet I was still young and strong in my body.

The dream now switches and I am in a yard walking and a young woman comes over to me wanting to speak with me. Obviously we had spoken in the past but I did not remember her name. In the dream I was very popular and she was not. She began to walk and talk with me asking me - I welcomed the conversation and the company. She asked me if I remember her name and I told her I did not. Her feelings was someone hurt as it seem she had something important to tell me and she was disappointed that I did not remember her name. She also was disappointed that the popular crowd seemed to not know her by name as well.

Her and I walked over to a electrical unit that needs to be fixed. I look at it and thought I fixed it but it was not fixed. I saw a young man that I knew whose name was Mark. He came over and fixed the united. I said, "It pays to have friends." He said, "No it pays to know the right people."

End of Dream.

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