a turtle poet

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a turtle poet

Post by cmsavon9 on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:22 pm

here is one dream that i had a while ago that i have been really struggling with.

in my dream i was a turtle. I WAS THE TURTLE! i was a male turtle and my name was gilford. ??? and i was a poet. a flood came while i was with my mom and dad and washed them away, killing them. i survived because i was younger and stronger. i could see the debris that the flood caused and was wandering about, sad and alone. then i happened upon a female turtle and started a family.

i don't remember what the state of my life was at the time.
the flood caused upset in my life. it killed my parents.
i lost my poems that i was working on.

it turned out bittersweet, i guess. i lost my parents but gained a "wife" and family.

because i was a turtle, and a male one at that, and a poet. i don't know if any of it represents any people in my life. i did get an idea of a children's book but not sure of that, either. seriously, i have so many dreams to be interpreted. the two i have posted are the short ones. i really appreciate any insight. i know that God is the ultimate interpreter but i also know he gifts people for it, too.

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