Rabbi on the dock

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Rabbi on the dock

Post by True Flight on Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:42 pm

I was sitting on a dock in a bay. Two guys swam up to the dock and said "Come with us"
We swim-ed out to the edge of the bay, I could see the open ocean. One guy said "We are going to the reef, do you want to come along"
A shark and a barracuda swam in front of us, I was not afraid.
"No" I replied "I don't feel like it today"
So I swam back to the dock and sat down on it.
Then a Rabbi started to hand me a bowl of ripe fruit, (it was not full) he pulled it back and said let me get some more.
Then he reached over to one of the pillions that extended into the water. It was covered in red fruit, as he grabbed one it mushed in his hand. (over ripe)

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