A live plant growing into the food I cooked .

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A live plant growing into the food I cooked .

Post by steadygaze on Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:11 pm

Interesting dream and I only remember a very small part of it.


I was with a friend who was poor. She had run down cloths because she was poor and lived in a huge broken down building. We were to meet her other poor friends in a barn like place that was a restaurant in the country. So we go to this barn restaurant and I was to cook for her it was almost like you make your own meals and so does everyone else cause everyone is poor. So I started cooking like BBQ beans and some meat and some how I add this plant growing out of the side of the wall where I was cooking to the food. This plant has life you know the kind you see in the movies talking to you, no it did not talk to me but it seemed to have moved right into the food on its own. lol . Some how this green plant grows right into the food and it is still alive and just plush green after cooking it. So it is time to eat and my friend comes over and I show her what I cooked and I said, " I added the plant you like right into the food and it is still a live plant." She looks at me like how did you do that!? she acted like that was not what she wanted and I said, " I thought that is what you wanted." She was not sure really what she wanted.

Humm HA HA! laugh this is a very strange dream. Any insight?
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