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dream interpretation

Post by livingforthelord1 on Tue May 31, 2011 9:17 pm

1.) What is on your heart that you may have been praying or thinking heavily about the day or
week/month prior to the dream?

As far as I can remember there was nothing that was heavily in my heart and I donít remember thinking about any thing either

2.) Next, write out the dream.

Something has been bothering me and I donít quite know what it is. In a matter of fact I was not going to ask or Wright about this but I had a feeling today that I should post this I donít know why but here it is. Any help what this might mean please let me know. For the past two months I have hade four dreams of a very old acutance of mine that I use to work with in the early 1980ís. The first time I had this dream it was where we worked but the factory was a small store but set up the same way. I was in line when he walked in the door and we both realized who both were and I went up and gave him a big hug and told him I was so happy to see him. Just this one dream upset me so much that for the next two I was obsess in trying to find his number to see if he is ok. Usually when I have a dream like this all I would do is call the person and make sure they are alright and that would be the end of it. Either they would tell me what is going on in there life or just tell me that every thing is alright. The last time that I had this kind of a feeling and dream was when another one of my friends was in a dirt bike motorcycle racing accident in California. He was at is parents house in Chicago recuperating he almost died in that accident.

Now the second time was a dream out of the building where we met he was with his wife I assume that he married the three of us had a very delightful evening he looked so happy with her. I was more relaxed when I woke up with this dream.
The third dream we were in the building where we worked we were at a distance from each other really never talked but still relaxed with what was going on around us in the dream. Last night I was walking and walked into a much larger building it was not the same building at all. And in my dream I asked to see this person and they took me to another area and I talked to this women she had told me that he no longer works there and I asked her if she could give be his number that I would like to call him. She wrote the number on a piece of paper but when she handed me the paper all that was on it was a bunch of letters that made no sense at all. I cant image why after 30 years am I having reoccurring dreams of this person I am absolutely bewildered about this.

3.) Now, leave out the details in the dream, the symbols, the actions, etc., and only write how each and
every symbol, action, word, situation, etc., made you feel.

The first dream made me happy but uneasy.
The second very comfortable just sitting and talking.
The third busy.
The fourth trying to figure out what happened.

4.) How did it turn out?

There was no outcome

5.) What is the overall theme?

The first dream made me very uneasy, unsettling
The seconded happy
The third ok
The fourth bewildered

6.) Where did it occur?

All four dreams were in Chicago. The first and third dream was at the factory I use to work at the second was at the house I grow up in. the forth was a totally different factory that I never saw before.

Who was in the dream?

First dream my friend named Oscar, my daughter Suzy and myself.
Second dream Oscar, another person in the dream that was his wife and myself.
Third Oscar a lot of people I did not know and myself.
Fourth dream people I did not know and myself but asking where Oscar was at.

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