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Then one morning out of the blue, I had a weird dream. I was in my ex-husbands apartment walking of the stairs, I lived there. And there was a door next to it, and as I looked to the left there was a handsome black man smiling at me. He had on one hand a dozen red roses, and on the other a dozen white. He was going on a date with someone, and he asked for my ex-husband's mom. He was going on a date with her, and I heard someone walking up the stairs towards us, so I walked half way down the stairs and I told her, there is an extreme handsome man upstairs wating for you. Out of no where the dream changed she was laying in a bed in the apartment, same building and my classmate was laying in a another bed next to her, and we all were getting along. Suddenly, that same handsome man was their servant, butler, or something. So, then as he was serving them, I just walked out the apartment and I was walking down the stairs. Then half way down the stairs the guys called me from the upper stairs and said, "can I have your number?" and I said, " How many girls who are strangers do you ask there numbers to?" and he said, "a lot" and I replied, "that is why, I am not giving you my number." The he ran to get something up the stairs and came done with a huge bouquet of flowers all kinds and different colors (mainly white). I noticed within the bouquet there were white Roses, so I began counting them. (in my head I thought, if there is twelve dozen roses in this bouquet he is the one)...and there were 12 white Roses!!! Then I fainted because I was so shock. The guy changed appearance, it was not the same handsome man, he was still handsome but not the same one, and out of no where a girl who in my dream was my best friend appeared and she asked if I was ok, the guy who gave me the flowers sat on a chair staring at me and I notice a collar like the ones some pastors wear and I asked him if he was a pastor and he said, yes. I told my best friend there are 12 dozen roses in here as she was counting I could see a lot of me around me there was one in particular I noticed he was handsome leaning down looking straight at me across the stairs area he seemed like a fire fighter...and I got confused for a second...then my attention when back to the "one" and he said, I am just waiting for the one, and my friend didn't finish counting the Roses but she knew he was the one and told him, "would you know she is the one, even if she was right infront of your face?" and then I woke up.

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