Hi please help with interpretation :)

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Hi please help with interpretation :)

Post by Tinique on Sat May 28, 2011 12:49 pm

Hi :)
I posted my first dream earlier - http://miasherwood.forumotion.net/t13214-can-anyone-help-me-with-dream-please
If you haven't read it, I am praying for salvation for my Muslim ex-fiancee'.
I had the first dream two weeks before we broke up and I was saved.
Okay so after breaking up I was in deep emotional torment because of this (I love him very much) so I prayed asking God if I should carry on praying and if he would be saved I asked that he give me a dream because I was about to give up praying.
I cannot remember the dream ENTIRELY, but I know the details in my heart - I remember waking up after the dream thinking very calmly "Oh good, he will be saved. Okay" and fell asleep lol. The following day I forgot about it and then remembered asking God for the dream. I couldn't remember the dream but as I was telling someone about it (typing) it is like the words just flowed from my fingertips and I had flashbacks of the dream. Is this God who caused my fingers just to remember?? okay so this is the dream: Dreamt me and Hadin were in a white room, dressed in white and there were angels there. Boxes lined the walls and prayers were just flowing and flowing out the boxes and everyone was VERY happy!!! Good sign :)

A while after that I was laying in bed praying for him, I felt like something didn't want me praying (also after this when I prayed for him I would suddenly become extremely tired!!!) I became exhausted and my thoughts totally shifted out of prayer. Fell asleep. I dreamt my family moved to a mansion kind of castle. When I stepped inside it was pure EVIL but my family didn't feel it (in reality I can generally feel that presence when it is near) It was a terrible, morbid, hateful pure DEPRESSED feeling, I felt it in my spirit like I could just burst with heartwrenching sadness. Most of the dream I felt this. This place was FULL of demonic activity. The "demons" (human form) would steal people in the house at night to indoctrinate them while sleeping. One night I awoke and walked down the passage, had a feeling of being watched ALL the time. I went down into the valley and they were preaching their false doctrine and dressed in Nazi colours. Really preaching passionately. Went back inside and saw people being put into hi-tech tubes while unaware to be "indoctrinated". Then I was shown a series of photos of a possessed man following me everywhere, even sleeping in my bed with me at night. I would try and hide and sleep in places he wouldn't find me. One night I woke up - he was next to me. i jumped away and he attacked me with IMMENSE strength and pure evil. I somehow had the strength to jump on his back and I began screaming "I command to you to leave in the name of Jesus" I screamed this over and over and he started growing weaker. Eventually on his knees he grabbed his stomach and said "I have never felt this before" then he fell down and fell asleep peacefully. I woke up and knew it was 3am, looked at my watch and it was! Could this be my Muslim fiacee'? He did tell me he has never felt God before but claims he does not need to to believe in Islam. What could this mean. My gut is telling me all three dreams point to his salvation
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