Can anyone help me with dream please :)

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Can anyone help me with dream please :)

Post by Tinique on Sat May 28, 2011 11:51 am

Think I posted in the wrong category earlier, I just found this site. I am sure God led me here! Will re-post:
Hi all :) I'll try and make this brief!!
Okay I am praying for ex fiancee's salvation. He is Muslim. We broke up about a month ago because I got saved (was "christian" but not saved) :) amen. Anyway I am really heartbroken because I believe this is THE guy for me, best friend etc he feels the same and is devastated, and besides that I don't want him to go to hell!!! crying and he has never felt God :( I had two more dreams after we broke up but I will post those another time to shorten this.
I had this dream two weeks before we broke up. When I dreamt this, breaking up was not an option. Dreamt we broke up and I married his brother. Now Muslims can only eat halaal, and we were eating un-halaal meat. I missed my fiancee' way too much, so I left to look for him. Found myself across the road from a burning prison "hell". I was standing in the shade on green grass with lots of healthy apple trees. I understood I had to enter this hell to save him from it. I had green jewellery I wanted to give him. When I got inside there were demons flying around trying to stop anyone from leaving. There were other women looking for him aswell with the same jewellery. Anyway I did escape. Found myself again by the trees in the shade with the other women. Then all of a sudden I saw him coming towards me in the shade. He was dressed almost like a "warrior" and had a sword on his side and I ran to him and said I knew I would find you here! Then I woke up. Two weeks later we broke up because I needed Jesus.
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