The whitish bus and the woman in all black...

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The whitish bus and the woman in all black...

Post by HeatherOnia on Fri May 27, 2011 8:38 pm

Hey everybody!

I would like confirmation for the following dream I had:

I'm in my bedroom. From my left window (it faces the backyard) I see the tail end of an off-white bus (like a school bus, but not yellow) with a red horizontal stripe along the side of it, leave the back yard and head toward the left side of the house. In the dream I associate the bus with my mom while I'm watching it leave. Sure enough, right after I hear the bus gear up and leave, she bursts into my room (the door was closed and she busted right in without knocking) in extravagant hat (big and coming down to her eyes) and clothing (fur coat), all in black. She excitedly mentions something about Hamtramck (her childhood home/city in Michigan in real life), with a big smile on her face (white teeth showing).

Notes: The outfit she had on was like a suit dress and a fancy hat and fur coat - all in black but rich/lavish looking.
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