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Post by Denise_Oli on Wed May 25, 2011 2:49 pm

Hi. This is my first time to the Site. Well, second time now.. This was the very weird dream I had The dream started out at night. It was dark and I was walking through some sort of feild. It was either a tall corn field or a field of tall grass. I was walking to a house in the middle of this field. There was nothing else around, just the house. This house was a huge house and it was very long. But it did not have walls, it was sort of like a building office, but a house. I then entered the house (I believe the door was white) and i went into a room which was like an office, ( it was on the right hand side) and this room was very long but not too wide. My manager from work was sitting at her desk in this room. She was on the computer doing work, when my self and a co-worker started arguing. SHe was arguing with me and I would ask her, why are you trying to argue with me. But i would also get upset bc she wanted to prove she was right. The argument was about a customer who she over charged a food item, did a discount for her so the price could be reduced, but the discount was not enough and she was still over charging the customer by like 10 or 20 cents. and I told her that she needed to redo the order so that the customer could pay the right price instead of being shorted that change(this was actualy an incided that happened like 2 days prior to this dream but the manager part did not happen). She then told my manager, and my manager became mad at me. My manager acted like i was wrong and she spoke against me. there was also one other person there with the co-worker i was arguing with, but i do not remember who it was. Any ways, then I left from that room, because I knew i was standing by myself in that situation so i exited out of there, and went into the living room. I then saw my mother to the right hand side, near a bed, and told me to come lay down and relax. I did not really know whos bed it was but i fixed the sheets and covers and layed down. Then, I heard a noise comming from the closet so i got up to see what it was and then i saw something leaking in from the walls. it looked either like blood, water or something black. But this liquid leaking was dripping to the ground and was forming a robot or an alien in the pile of junk that was against that wall. I saw the feet first start forming, and it was like breathing, comming alive. the feet looked grey in color or like iron feet. then i saw the shoulders form and it was like it had a jacket on and a hat on top of that.. I ran as quick as i could from that house because I felt that these things or robots or aliens that were forming, would control people and take over and they wanted to capture us. (while i saw that one thing forming, there quickly rose up many more of them forming) people ran out from every where to escape these things. I was running and i think i was somwhere like in NewYork or somewhere, but i was running to a bridge, running up it to get to the other side when on the left siide i saw a zoo. This zoo was open, and there were alot of people there trying to take and hug the animals. All the animals were loose. But all i could focus(or all that were in front of the zoo) were baby monkies or orangatangs or something. people were picking up these baby monkies and hugging them and treating them like little babies and walking off with them. then, i saw 3 baby monkies, but they were stiff and in a stiff and hard position holding onto a wooden tan stick or long pole. it looked like one of those stuffed monky animals that have the long arm that attach the hands together with velcro. But these 3 monkies were attacked and had ther arms wrapped arrround this pole. So i suddenly grabbed one of these baby monkies and i tried to hug it and caress it and cradle it and give it affection like i would a baby, but it wouldnt let me, it would not let go of this pole or get out of position from the pole. I was carrying this baby monky and the long pole.. Thats when i woke up. This dream took place at night. It was very dark. i feel it is symbolic of something. i was thinking maybe it ha something to do with the armies comming from somewhere and invading. and the part of where my manager and co workwers came agains me, i felt like maybe it meant either I or someone or something wouldbe left standing alone. But im not sure.. I really could use hep with this. The Lord usualy gives me prophetic dreams but sometimes i just canot interpret them. please help. Thank you and may the Lord bless you ever so abundantly..

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