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Post by unknownwriter on Mon May 23, 2011 1:24 pm

Hi all,

So I had two short dreams last night. I asked God to teach me the interpretation and I wrote down what came to me, but I'd still like to post them up to see if I translated such properly.

Dream 1: I'm driving in a car with my brother. My brother is the one driving and I'm in the passenger seat. The car is running out of gas and whining loudly because it's near-empty. We pull up to an intersection and lo and behold the gas station is right across the street -- phew! I was a little nervous we'd have to get out of the car and push it across the street due to the street being busy, but opted that it wouldn't be too big a deal considering the gas station is right there. Then I woke up.

Dream 2: I am laying in my bed and am surrounded by faries. The fairies are not real fairies, but stained class art pieces and they are flashing lights and releasing musical tones from them -- like something out of Close Encounters or something. I instinctively knew that these fary/butterfly things were talking to me, though not in an earthly language, but in a musical language which I did not understand. It creeped me out as I listened. Then I felt a spiritual presence push me down and fall over me. I felt terrified and then woke up.

Those are my two dreams. Anyone get an interpretation? I believe God has one for me, but I'm very new to this so I want to see if someone might have gotten something similar to me -- or perhaps different. I want to be accurate so if you could help me out that'd be great. I will admit I DID eat something before I went to sleep, so it could just be that. Let me know and thanks again!

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