Someone help with this one please

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Someone help with this one please

Post by ndutakinyua on Mon May 23, 2011 1:04 pm

Hi all and glad to find this helpful forum. The lord bless you all you moderators for the wonderful work you are doing.

I had this dream last week where I was in a deep forest and I started running sa fast as i could and after some time running I to began to fly .Down below me i could see all kinds of snakes with different coulours and i was trying very hard not to go down incase i get bitten. At one point however my feet touched touched the ground and I saw what looked like a snake and a totoise and one of them put its mouth into my foot and I gathered all my strength and rescued my foot and i felt it could have bitten me but dint manage to I heard a voice that told me that the animal that almost bit me was my sister's pet. I continued running and i entered into a church from the main entrance. I ran toward the front of the church and while i ran i passed more snakes. At the front of the church near the altar, i saw an exit. Iran out through that exit upto the gate of the church. At the gate there was a young man who sttoped me and said I hadf to pay the price for having got to that point. I paid the money (cant remember the amount) and when I turned to go I realised that another lady had also just arrived and was now paying her price and i got up.

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