My car is buried in mud, and being accused of shooting

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My car is buried in mud, and being accused of shooting

Post by youngpropheticvoice on Mon May 23, 2011 9:01 am

I was with a bunch of young adults that I knew from a previous church I attended. in some kind of open field. I saw this thing that looked like a glass portal of some kind in the field. I heard a gun shot go off and someone had shot a hole into the glass. I was for some reason in a truck with my good friend Chad and his wife had called as someone had accused me of shooting this glass portal. I was in instant fear thinking that I was going to be accused of it. Chad told his wife that I was with him. Kelly Chad's wife had told him that someone had recorded a video and the image made it look like it was me who had shot the glass portal with my hunting rifle. As Chad's wife was talking with him, I remember my leaving my car a Mini Cooper still in the field parked. We then saw a group of young adults from my old church driving my car around and really trying to abuse it. We watched in horror as they drove it right into a muddy bog and let it drown in the bog. We then proceeded to call my insurance company and told them what had happened. The insurance company could not get a tow truck to get my car out of the the muddy Bog. They proceeded to write the car off over the phone and told me a cheque would come in the mail to pay me out for the car's value. I was proceeded to be accused of shooting the portal but when they came to reviewing the video, they noticed distinguishing marks on the hands of those who had shot the portal with my rifle and I didn't have the marks. I was then cleared of all allegations.

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