Dream about Shoes and Falling

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Dream about Shoes and Falling

Post by wcgoggins on Sat May 21, 2011 1:11 pm

I am a believer but have never paid attention to my dreams until recently. I have been listening to Katie Souza minstry cds and she prays for those who are not dreaming to begin dreaming and to remember their dreams. Once I received that prayer for me, I have begun to dream. However, I am new at this and the problem is I usually don't understand the dreams.
This is the dream I had last night....
I was at some kind of meeting where there were a bunch of little girls there and some adults. I do not know what we were doing but I think we may have been in my old church. There was this little girl present (that I did not recognize) and she had on black shoes that were slick on the bottom like those for tap dancing. She was full of excitement and energy and she kept running around and since she was wearing slick shoes she kept falling. When she would fall it would distract everyone else and some of the little girls started to talk about her and say things that weren't nice. I too was standing in this crowd along with the others and I remember thinking to myself that she was somewhat annoying. Once I even saw the little girl in another location and she was running and slipped and fell down a set of long stairs. The dream ended with her being back in the original location where the little girls and other adults were standing and she fell again and landed on her back and as she looked up she blushed and her cheeks turned pink from embarrsement but she was still smiling. She seemed very innocent like.

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