Under the influence of drugs

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Under the influence of drugs

Post by lisaray1 on Thu May 19, 2011 9:52 am

I was in my home and it was around the corner from where I grew up. My children wanted to walk to the store, which was right down the street. I was walking with them and had my arms around them. I noticed guy I grew up with sitting on the sidewalk on the way to the store, in a chair. I did not want to be around him so I turned around and went back home. As I got to the house, In the den was my husband's friend, who was in my dream the night before. He was smoking crack cocaine and gave me some. There was a girl there who assisted me in smoking it. It was almost time for me to go to church, which was in another room in the house. But I had to use the restroom first. As I went to the restoom, I passed the living room and there was another guy from my old chruch, playing the guitar. I went on to the restroom, then proceeded to go to the church. I noticed that I didn't have my shoes on. So I looked for them. Time was passing. I finally found my white shoes, that I was looking for, put them on and headed to the church. As i headed to the pupit, I was high and felt uncomfortable. I noticed my husband's friend, from the precious dream, who is also the one who gave the drugs. He was playing the drums.

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