I Can Not Figure This One Out AT ALL!

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I Can Not Figure This One Out AT ALL!

Post by aprsnoop on Wed May 18, 2011 7:54 pm

I dreamed last night some man was chasing me with a sword, then the scene shifted to me sitting on a bed and the bed was going down the street. there were crowds of people on both sides of the street. Someone threw a can on the bed, and I thought to myself, that was cruel. Then i noticed everyone looked up at the sky. There were a train and a firetruck in the sky. then all of a sudden a tornado begin forming. People started running.As I began to run, I noticed someone wearing a pink dress and another person wearing a yellow dress. People were looking for a celar to take refuge. I asked this lady if I could come in her basement and she told me no! I then woke up.

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