desperately seeking dream interpretation immediately!!!

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desperately seeking dream interpretation immediately!!!

Post by needy1 on Wed May 18, 2011 1:11 am

[justify]I dreamt that my 4 yr old son & I were in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I notice that on the floor, left side of my bed there was a huge, green & black snake whose head was under the bed. At the time the snake wasn't moving so we went on to sleep. When I woke the next morning, I looked down and noticed the snake beginning to move slowly. I got out of bed, trying not to alarm the snake, so I could get a phone book to call animal rescue to get the snake. The snake began to move a little faster under my bed to the opposite (right) side where my son is. My son then wakes up & while I am standing in the doorway I tell him to get in the middle of the bed and to stay still. After I see the end of the snakes tail go under my bed, I call my mom to get the phone book so I can look up a phone number for animal rescue. Before she can come back with the phone book, I can see the head of the snake, which is very small compared to its huge body, peeking over the bed. I called out to my son & when I hear the hiss of the snake, I grab and slung my son behind me (so he would be protected from the snake). The snake then strikes my left leg, draws back and shoots venom to my face/eyes. I am able to block the venom & leave the room.......


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