Findin my wife(Repost)

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Findin my wife(Repost)

Post by Makumbe on Tue May 17, 2011 11:01 pm

I had a dream tht is continuin 2 botha me

my wife was drivin a small car I was passenger-she dont drive. We met cop at robot goin down a major road in our CT. He wanted bribe we ddnt give him bt i ddnt have seat belt on & he wznt in uniform. as we went down we pas another robot amber and arive @ place 4 our couples meeting. I felt like i was at th swimin pool-ther wz som water smwher. She disappears-cant c ha. Later when church abt 2 start i go out 2 find her. I meet ha wit ha twin sis who is dressed in Catholic wear & ask her 2 com. As we leave ths place tht had a rural feel 2 it we pass by series of dried up trees 2 our left stiil whole wit all branches bark peelin off very dry& i wonder if ppl need firewd she tels me the owna dont wana give. as we proceed wife chooses a road i think is too long & let ha kno bt she get upset & i keep quiet. ha sis run ahead of us as i wz talkin of th path wife had chosen-it wz a dust track. it begins 2 rain & we walk in silence Scratch Chin
Please help i'm not able to interpret well.

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