my house was destroyed

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my house was destroyed

Post by unfailing_love on Tue May 17, 2011 11:04 am

i had two dreams in the ssame night which i think have to do with each other.
in the first dream i was going to my apartment but before i went up the steps i saw some of my families belongings lying in the entrance. when i went up to my floor the entrance was blocked and someone told me i couldnt go in because of the explosion that had occurred.
in the second dream i had, it was as if i knew what was going to happen to my house and i was given an opportunity to save it by creating a simple balloon like structure but this time my house looked different. then we travelled upwards and landed on a different planet and i was really surprised to be safe in this new amazing world and my mum said that she and my dad go there every weekend. ( i live with my parents)
what could these dreams mean?

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