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Burning Car

Post by DRMSKr on Sun May 15, 2011 4:57 pm

I recently had the following scary dream during a period when I was praying for God's guidance regarding the selection of a marriage partner. I have a lady I am interested in and had been praying for God to guide me because if it is going to end in disaster (divorce, etc), then I don't want to pursue her. The day before I dreamt it, I specifically prayed for general advice regarding marriage.

Here's the dream...

I was standing at an intersection where I was a man in a car (maybe a cab) with several women and babies in the car. I saw the man get out of the car and open take off the cap of the gas tank. He looked like he was up to no good and from that point point on, I kept saying "This is a bad idea". He appeared ready to set the car on fire with the occupants in it..something that I couldn't fathom. He opened the gas cap, then signaled (winked) one lady in the back of the car to exit the car. Before exiting, she may have handed over a baby and exited with something else. Somehow, the other women didn't question anything..they seemed clueless.

As the woman left, he seemed to wink to her to say "keep to the plan". He appeared to be burning the car so he could collect an insurance payment. Incredibly, he lit a match, put it in the gas tank and then he got into the car so he himself would get burnt. He appeared to be doing it (i.e. getting burnt himself) so that when the insurance company looked into it, it would appear to be an accident and not something he had set up.

I kept saying to myself "This is a stupid idea. How do you know that the woman you let go will stick to the plan after you have burnt yourself? Would she stick by you?" He stood to lose everything....she had the upper hand.

Sure enough, after he got burnt, he looked to the side of the road at the woman who he had planned with. She clutched whatever it was she had taken out of the car and left him empty handed as he screamed at her.

I then looked at the street sign to determine my location so I could call 911. The street may have been called "Millenium". I may have been apprehensive about calling 911 because I didn't want to be involved with the entire situation.

The man who had burnt himself called out to me..mad that I had witnessed the entire thing and/or called 911. I run away and met 4 men dressed as if heading to a wedding or a formal function..people I know from my days in high school. They asked if I was being bothered and I answered no. I told them not to worry about anything ...everything was going to be okay. That was the end of the dream.

I don't know if this is a warning about the lady I am interested in or an admonishment not to sacrifice myself for her unless I know she is worth it. I want to make the right decision and I need God's direction!!!

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