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i dreamt i went to a place where i grew up from as a visit as i got home i threw my bags and i decided to go to the forest to look for wild fruits .i went to the forest and i just collected a few on the first forest and i wanted to go to the second one.i met two elderly ladiesand they said they own the forest i cant gather anything from there .I exchanged words with them then i ended up fetching firewood on my way back i met an elderly men and it seemed as if on my way to the forest i had given him my bag .he brought the bag and some of my stuff was missing and i asked him he did not want to give me all the stuff i had to fight my wayto get all my stuff .i left the place and he followed me wanting to fight me .ienede up overtaking him going back home i had to climb a mountain i climbed to get to the other side where i met my husband in real life we are in seperation with him . he came to me to tell me that his Father was not happy with his lifestyle. afterward he wanted us to go to his father suddenly we saw a pile of his father 's fieces and my husband started mixing it and we had to carry it to him .My husband went to fetch a private plane and he said me and my son we had to climb in .we flew to a placebeside a mountain and he started mixing his father fieces saying some words to him for him to forgive him after that ritual he left and i was alone iwent to the other side of the mountain where i saw two boys fighting after wards i saw fire huge burning flames burning the mountain then i woke up.

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