I'm desperate to hear from God, its my prayer!

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I'm desperate to hear from God, its my prayer!

Post by Dreamert00 on Sat May 14, 2011 1:41 pm

Scene @ childhood. @ table with hubby & church elder. School superintendent walk in with some staff & sit next to elder. Elder asked about getting hazmat cert for his bro, d super said come see me. Then I said I'm tryn 2 get teacher job, super said come see me. He said I will need MBA & article that I wrote. I said I have MBA & several articles, 1 publish online. He left and now just my hubby & I @ house. About 3 men try to come in, we stop them & try 2 lock door but couldn't. We started takn their pic w/cell incase they harm us but I had flash and alarmed them, they began to leave. We realized they took keys out of door, I was afraid they would take our jeep from backyard.
Next dream. Hubby & I was in San Antonio with my mom & her hubby. Scene was @ hospital. I asked a doc was they hiring and I'm 1 class away from my MHA, he said they are hiring in the gym in 2 to 23 days.

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