Birth of child from coworker

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Birth of child from coworker

Post by judgehopkins on Sat May 14, 2011 7:14 am

i had a dream in which I saw a happy elderly man, then a woman in labor having a child. In the middle of this dream I heard a voice speak the name of a coworker. This occurred 8 months ago.

An interpretation would be appreciated.

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Re: Birth of child from coworker

Post by Linda Irish on Sat May 14, 2011 9:46 am

I know that giving birth in a dream sometimes means a new a new idea being made real...a new change or beginning. I dreamed of my friend Laura one year. I saw her pregnant and she was having a baby( in real life her boys were now teens and she would not have chosen to have more children, yet is was sooooo real)...It was so real, but I hadnt talked to her in many months. We have always been very spiritually and emotionally close.
I was so moved by the realness of the dream that I made a mental note to call her feeling that this was a prompt from the Holy Spirit...but I'd forgotten and let a few days pass.

Then I went into work one morning and I saw a sticky note on my said "call Laura" and it had her phone number on it.
I shared an office with the pastor, and about three other workers so I asked them who had taken this note? ...All my coworkers denied taking the message. I talked to every individual that had access to the office, even the remote chance it could be the gardener. But all said no, they had not ever received a call or taken any message.
The job was new, Id been working as a secretary at a church(that neither of us had ever attended or been a part of) for less than three months, and I'd not had the opportunity to tell my friend Laura about my job yet...So I didnt know how she could know that I even worked there .
So I called the number and, her husband answered and put her on the phone.
No she said, neither she nor her husband had called me. She said , however that she'd wished that she'd called me~ she was going through a horrible time, even in a program over the weekend for an emotional breakdown. In this program she had Identified me as her "safe" person....the one she trusts the one she felt could understand and not judge her the one she felt at home with.

But she had not called me, in fact she had no idea that I had a new job or where it was.
God was showing me that my friend was going through a break through period~ birthing something new...and in her life that "something new" was to build her life on truth...and not assumtions. or ideas from the past. Everything had to stand up to the criteria of the BIBLE....truth must stay and everything else in her live must leave.
This is a long story but I believe Mia says to look at your feelings in your dream, they seemed happy. Look at the life that you live everyday~ Could a new dream, new ideas a new hope for your future be experienced by you or someone else you are close with. In the dream it appears as If you are supporting someone else in their new "baby" and or the birthing of this "new " reality itself, and happy about it.
I am sharing my experiece ultimately God will make the revealation to you. God Bless

If you get with God and really spend intimate time with Him He will reveal what you need to know. Will be praying for a revelation for YOU> God Bless
Linda Irish
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