A friend getting bit by frog

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A friend getting bit by frog

Post by Destine on Fri May 13, 2011 7:29 am

I really am baffled by this it's very strange, the dream is now coming back to me because I couldn't remember it yesterday. So, I'm at my sr. pastor's house, and we are all celebrating about God blessing us with a building for our church. We are in K's room talking when we see someone trying to get through the window. It's our old sr. pastor's son (the youngest) we let him in. We notice he has something in his hand and it's a frog, K and her sister (A) start to scream because it starts to jump every where; The frog bites K on the eye, but she doesn't bleed.
We force him to throw the frog out the window, and he does. K askes him what is he doing at her house, and he said he didn't like his church anymore because it's making his parents fight, so he wants to runaway. A gets her dad and he calls the sr. pastor to tell him what happened, and they come to pick him up. Than, we are in our church service, and I think it's our formal youth pastor congratulating us on getting our building. (I can't see his face but I recognize his voice) and we all start to clap and so forth, and I just see the color of gold in the building..

Basically, last night I told my friends' mom about my dream and she said "Well, everything sounds good except the frog part" and she said the frog means "Lying". Well, last night, we were having a bible bowl with pizza, and we were eating and the girl next to me was texting one of my former good friends. Today, we found out she lied to him and said we were gossiping about him. He texted K's sister, and he was all "Why are you guys talking about me behind my back?" and she said, "No we aren't" but we got that cleared up. Something didn't settle with me about the girl..
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