My Ex-Husband Tries to Suicide

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My Ex-Husband Tries to Suicide

Post by rosebush on Thu May 12, 2011 6:55 am

My ex-husband had come back for a "visit." He is trying to start up a relationship with me again but I politely resist. He was a manipulative/controlling person. In the dream he is threatening and abusive and ends up slashing his wrists with a razor blade. He was known for making crazy threats, I think to get attention or get what he wanted more than anything.

I call 911 to get some help. He tries to intercept but I succeed.

The final part of the dream has me in the lower level of my now home, discovering rooms that I have never been aware of. First I go into the basement recreation area and there is a large hole in the wall revealing that my young son has a really large fire going in an unknown fireplace--I notice a large area above the fire that leads to some sort of venting on the roof, like a cavernous opening through the center of the house. I notice a casual seating area and also a really large open area behind this fireplace that I thought could be used to hold a banquet. I am shocked that I did not know about this "room" and look at the wall on the other side to see where the door might be. I do see a door that has a lock on it, that I had never noticed before.

Then I am taken along what seems underground hallways that leads to what I believe is an old abandoned Lutheran clinic, so medical mixed with spiritual, and I know it had an old man pastor that used to oversee. I look out the window and realize the clinic is partially above ground. I look how far the clinic is to the road and wonder if this building could be sold to use for a business and it seems like this would work by what I see of the location of the roads.

My mother is there and I talk to her about it, but she says "no," the taxes would be too much so no one would want to place a business there.

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