Foreign Land and the scorpian

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Foreign Land and the scorpian

Post by dorothy07 on Wed May 11, 2011 9:42 am

I had a dream last night that I was in Puerto rico. Everytime I tried to call my daughter, the phone would ring then a message of disconnect? I would constantley stress out because I could not contact my daughter. I was wondering why my telephone was not working, Im my dream I knew my carrier should work in this country. Then I was In a school and I was trying to pick up my daughter but she was not with me in puerto rico she was at home? I then was on a front porch of a house I was staying at and I was praying the locals(people I didnt know) with a water hose and they seemed happy about the water, in the dream something was coming and i was prompted to go into the house away from the local people. I then went into my bedroom and I saw a scorpian statue on the ceiling, the statue was of a gold scorpian and it was mounted on the ceiling above the bed. I then ask my husband if scorpians were common in Puerto rico, and his answer was yes. I was unsettled and scared about seeing a scorpian in the house. I know this dream is hazy and wierd, But could anyone help me?
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