God's warning of Evil?

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God's warning of Evil?

Post by SilverSprings on Tue May 10, 2011 10:25 pm

Been having alot of dreams

This one stuck out the most. I am wondering what God is telling me though.

IF it is a warning or an encouragement.

My ex was over and things were peaceful and hopeful

He sat at my table and used my computer (That seemed to be pretty symbolic)

My mom was over and began to gossip about me on the phone

I confronted her --she denied it

My bro came over and they sat together

Then they tried to tape up the blinds that were all around my bedroom (the walls were glass)

I fought them and they stopped

I went outside and found two vacant small buildings, looked inside and they were furnished

I was not able to get in and the doors were locked.

I'm sensing that my mom and brother are symbolic for something

Any help if you feel lead is appreciated

Thanks so much for everything!

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