Repost: survived the crashing waves

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Repost: survived the crashing waves

Post by tjw on Tue May 10, 2011 5:23 pm

Hello all!
I have had two dreams recently that I need help with. The first one I think I kind of get but the second one not so sure. Anyway here goes...
1st dream: I was in a small boat out to sea with another person. The waves were whipping up something fierce and our boat was kind of protected behind this giant rock protruding up out of the sea and the waters here were calmer. I remember looking around the rock and seeing the waves thrashing around and thinking that I did not want to leave from around the rock since it seemed safer. But the passenger in the boat then switched places with me and took out a large oar and got us around from the rock and into the crashing waves in an attempt to get to shore. I remember thinking oh no! But as we paddled along the boat did not tip over and we did not fall out as I'd feared. In fact we got to shore pretty quickly and all was calm and serene on the beach shore as we pulled up.

2nd dream: I was given a gift that I couldn't fiqure out what it was at first then realized it was a giant sized kite. (I used to love flying them as a kid) The kite was kind of like a box kite and there was a large fiqure of a woman in the middle. I remember thinking it kind of had an asian theme to it. It was beautifully decorated and I was very excited to get it. Someone in the room with me encouraged me to fly it out this large window in the room. So I let it out and it lifted up into the sky (it was a beautiful crystal clear sunny day without a cloud in sight). The wind picked it up and it took off, I had to hang on tight so that it did not blow away. My deceased grandmother was standing along side me and grabbed hold of the kite strings with me to help. This dream made me feel so good......

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