The Tall Tower

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The Tall Tower

Post by Rai on Tue May 10, 2011 2:08 am

 I was on the top floor of a tall building like a tower looking out through a picture window over perfectly healthy, perfectly rounded green tall tree tops. The sky was clear blue. I stepped out through the window and sat down on the stone ledge next to my husband to get a better view. He started skooching over down the ledge so I followed. We chatted as we went along. He turned a corner but when I got there I realized the width of the ledge had become considerably more narrow, so narrow I thought I might fall. I looked down and saw the front of the building. It was covered with gold but I found that if I concentrated I could see the stone underneath. Stone pillars lined the outside and I was sitting over one of them also covered with gold. I called to my husband to help me and suddenly found myself safely around the corner with him. 

 We were standing on the roof looking at a poster encased in glass. It was an article and part of it listed symbols as icons followed by the explanations.  I then noticed a book I was holding with more symbols and information.  They were in a foreign language and I was grateful I understood what was being said. 

My Husband asked me if I were ready. I said "In a min I want to compare the poster symbols with the ones in the book so I dont miss anything." The end of the article said cont on pg (160 or 260 I dont remember which now)  but I didnt see this pg in the book. My Husband looked through it and I noticed the pg numbers were large as he flipped through. He said, "Here it is on the back cover." Sure enough. The rest of symbol icons were on the back and upside down. I said "I never saw a book like this before have you?" The end. 

I would greatly appreciate your input. Thx

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