Prop 8 is a battle in California and we need your prayers.

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Prop 8 is a battle in California and we need your prayers.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:45 pm

Hi my beloved friends.

In California we passed Prop 8 which means a marriage can only be between a man and a women. Well I am sure you had heard that the Lesbians have taken it to supreme court and are fighting it. Well now they are saying if the court does not change it to same sex marriage they have found a way to by pass it all to make it legal for same sex marriage.

This is a critical hour and time in regards to save the traditional marriage in California. California is known as a place of change if we allow same sex marriage to take place it will filter out to all the other states and nations.

I had a dream months ago which I posted on here where a friend came and interrupted my program to tell me a new covenant was coming that will make history and will be celebrated every year. I thought it was the Lords covenant but now I am seeing that the Lord was trying to warn me back then what is taking place now.I desire to see the Lord turn it all around for His glory and that his covenant is kept in our state of Marriage between a man and a women. This is a deep concern for more reasons then we know our sweet Beloved.

I know personally this is so on his heart because all I can do is weep and speak in tongues since the day before the elections and it has not stopped because some of these laws that have passed in other states so grieve his heart and grieves mine. He is our PAPA who desires life and not death.

Please pray for California we are fighting against these principalities that seem to have a hold on Cali. praying praying praying

Thanks love ya!
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