need help with dream

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need help with dream

Post by freedomthrujesus on Mon May 09, 2011 6:29 am

I had a dream last night that my husband and I were in my childhood yard and there were snakes everywhere. We were trying to get rid of them and a red one slithered into the house, upstairs. We followed him up with a pole and a knife to try to kill him. My husband began to suffocate him saying that is how you kill them. I then noticed that the snake was beginning to look like my two year old son and was wearing his sandals. He was slowly loosing his breath. I woke up.

A few things that are going on in my life....One. my son wakes up a lot crying and unconsolable. One time he woke up and was scared of something in the room on the wall. He doesnt speak alot he just kept motioning to the area and looking at it crying and screaming.Another thing is my husband buys storage units and sometimes finds things that arent good. He has over 500 books in our garage that he is selling on amazon and about 40 items are ungodly. we are opening a store and there have been a few items that make me uncomfortable and we have gotten rid of some. My husband is a christian but he is not walking with God at this time and doesn't have eyes to see. I am concerned about opening doors to the enemy. In one of the bins he also found a box of pornography which he says he threw out. but I struggle with beliving him. There has been deception in the past.

ps. I had also dreampt the other day about a huge snake on a porch, filling the was red as well.

Thank you for your time, prays and whatever wisdom and discernement God may lay on your heart.

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